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TBS Beverage Solutions offers a wide array of natural, organic and small batch boutique beverages including; Kombucha, CBD water, vinegar water, Matcha, and Kefir. Products available in different sizes and quantities ranging from 12oz bottles to 5.2 gallon kegs.  

Bottled Beverages


Big Easy Bucha

Launched in 2014, Big Easy Bucha is New Orleans' original artisanal, probiotic-packed
kombucha. Made with regionally-sourced and organic ingredients whenever possible,
including juicy Ponchatoula strawberries, chicory coffee, and refreshing satsumas,
kombucha — or fermented tea — is naturally raw, vegan, and healthful.

Available in 16 oz (6 pack) 67oz. growler (6 pack) and 5.2 gallon keg

TBS Beverage Solutions is Florida's premier beverage distributor.

Tampa - St. Petersburg - Clearwater - Sarasota - Lakeland - Orlando - Jacksonville - Daytona

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