Our Vision

Equipment and gourmet drink blends from TBS come standard with one of our industry experts, ready to instruct management and employees in the art of espresso creation, the specifications and care for our equipment, and even recipe tutorials to boost your menu. These personalized sessions ensure that along with our equipment and beverage products, you are also gaining the knowledge necessary to implement your purchases at their full potential.

Our solutions range from technology to taste. We offer every ingredient necessary to brew your perfect blend of beverage program success.

Our History

TBS found its beginnings within the walls of industry leader Taylor Freezer Sales Company. During our 24 years in the food & beverage industry, an unattended and largely ignored gap in the market caught the eye of our executives.

TBS was born to fill this niche. We cleaned out the cobwebs and made ourselves at home, scouring the nation for the finest coffees and teas, top of the line equipment, and an accumulation of feedback from chefs, owners, and baristas to guide us in our mission to create the perfect combination of products, services, and training. We aim to become the premier point of contact for launching superior beverage programs in cafes, restaurants, bars, and distribution networks.